How do I know my ring size?

Unsure of your ring size? The easiest way is to pop by any of your local jewelers. They can accurately give you your ring size free of charge. If this isn’t possible for you, and you would like to take your ring size from the comfort of your home, I sell ring sizers for $4 with free shipping. I will get that out to you the same day.

How do I care for my LLA jewelry?

Each piece of LLA jewelry is made by hand and will come with slight differences. This adds to the beauty of your unique piece. As a general rule, we suggest removing your jewelry before bathing, swimming and anything sweaty, to keep it shiny and stave off tarnishing. You may use a bit of dish soap and a soft toothbrush to clean unwanted dirt away from time to time. Polishing cloths are a good way to shine up your pieces too. If for any reason you would like to ship back to us to give it a proper polish and make it look like new, please reach out. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges.

What if my LLA jewelry needs to be repaired?

LLA is happy to repair your jewels if something should arise. Please reach out so that we can discuss what is needed.

Depending on the circumstance and additional materials that may be needed, there will be a small fee for repair which will be discussed beforehand. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

If you purchased an item through one of our stockists, please reach out directly to them for repairs.